Skinny in 4 Hours with The Salt Water Flush

I first heard about the salt water flush in an interview with model Shelby Welinder.

She was talking about the salt water flush as a weight loss cleanse before fashion week.

You could lose 10 lbs in a day. I was intrigued.

If models were salt water flushing to lose weight, I wanted to know more.

Turns out, the salt water flush is everywhere.

Juicers use it to crap.

Detoxers use it to cleanse.

Body builders use it to look as lean as possible before a show.

Ultimate fighters use it to drop weight and qualify for a lower weight class.

For others, a salt water flush is a natural way to deal with intestinal issues and constipation.

This article is comprehensive, and covers every aspect of the salt water flush, also known as the salt water cleanse. If you need info on a specific topic you can skip around using the table of contents here.

What is the Salt Water Flush

A salt water flush is one of the more unpleasant things you can do in the name of a diet or a detox.

The upside is:

You get quick and dramatic results, leaving you with no question as to whether or not it worked.

If you’ve never heard of the salt water flush, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

The Salt Water Flush in a Nutshell:

You drink a big glass of salt water (no iodine in the salt), which flushes out your entire digestive tract over the course of the next few hours.

Gas, bloating, water, solids and not-so-solids exit the body with efficiency. 

The salt water flush became well known alongside the master cleanse and the juicing cleanse. (As it turns out, both cleanses are so unnatural, they halt bowel movements.)

In other words:

You need a salt water flush (or a laxative) just to take a crap on those diets.

It might seem as though there’s a ton of salt necessary to achieve these ends, but oddly no.

You drink 2-3 teaspoons of salt dissolved in 4 cups of water, on an empty stomach...

...and bam:

The shit show begins about an hour later.

What to Expect from the Salt Water Flush

Here’s what you can expect:

A nasty drink; a mass evacuation out your ass; a lot less bloat and noticeable weight loss for a couple of days.

Plus, you’ll feel lighter and energized once it’s over.

A salt water cleanse works fast.


It’s a short term solution.

The only real long term solution is something like a Skinny for Life plan or the Whole Food SkinnyDetox.

But if you’re still reading, you likely need a solution urgently, so we’ll move on.

For most people, this flush is rather unpleasant all around.

You’re not actually sick, so you won’t experience excessive cramping and certainly not aches or a fever.

The reality:

It’s just water rushing through your colon.

The upside is: quickly it’s all over with and how fast you see results.

If you have bloating due to constipation or gas, or you need to drop some quick water weight, a salt water flush can help.

Believe it or not:

The worst part is not the colon blast, but drinking and keeping down the salt water.

The truth is:

It’s disgusting. You will gag.

You might dry heave.

But, on the bright side:

We have some tips to ensure you don’t vomit.

You’ll likely start having stomach sensations within 15 minutes of drinking the water and your most significant bowel movement about an hour after.

You need to stay near a restroom at all times and you may be darting in and out for the duration of the second and third hour.

Try to hold it at least a few minutes and go as infrequently as possible, so as not to irritate your anus with all the crapping and wiping.

What ever you do, don’t let yourself fart. If something’s coming out you can’t be sure it’s air.

This is no time for chances.

As the trips to the bathroom progress, things will likely become less solid and more watery, but it’s different for everyone.

You could be the opposite.

If you feel like taking a shower, even multiple showers, go for it.

Whatever gets you through.

Just remember, it’s only for a day.

When you’re done, you can expect to weigh less, look less bloated and feel refreshed knowing that you just removed a lot of waste.

Some of it had probably been in there a while.

How Does the Salt Water Cleanse Work?

The body mechanics are quite simple:

Downing a couple of big glasses of warm salt water creates muscle contractions in the digestive system that move everything out—top to bottom.

You activate your body’s own ability to cleanse itself.

The flush is a complete clearing.

It has to be the most effective and efficient ways of cleaning your entire digestive system, totally naturally.

The salt in the water matches your body’s saliency so the water doesn’t actually get absorbed. It’s a true flush. (This is why sailors will die from drinking salt water—the body won’t absorb the water—and it triggers an inadvertent “flush”.)

A salt water flush can’t clear fat, but it does clear water weight, which can be significant (up to 10 pounds).

More tips on maximizing weight loss are coming up.

Consuming salty foods makes us retain water the next day, but downing a glass of sea salt water (no iodine) can release fluids along with everything else.


When you have diarrhea or rapid bowel, part of the body’s mechanism includes pulling water from other areas of the body into the digestive tract to help get things out.

Known as an osmotic laxative, this is a critical way the body detoxes itself when you’ve eaten food that’s rotten or spoiled.

It’s also the reason you get dehydrated after having diarrhea.

As a bonus:

The salt water flush uses sea salt, not table salt with iodine.

This means you get a bunch of supportive minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium in the process.

Is the Salt Water Flush Dangerous? How Safe is It?

The whole thing is pretty crazy.

But, we ingest salt every day.

We need salt to live.

Some days we have more than others because it tastes so good.

Your body requires salt for electrolyte balance, so there’s no harm in drinking it for a cleanse.

You can’t drink salt water for hydration because your body won’t absorb the water.

That’s what makes it perfect for a flush.

The salt water cleanse is perfectly safe when used in moderation.

If you have an underlying health condition or other health related concern, you should check with your doctor before doing it. Conditions that include high blood pressure, digestive disease or edema are of special concern.

And if you have constipation, you will soon find relief here. ​

Otherwise, if you’re relatively healthy, the salt water flush is just a very thorough colon cleanse.

It's gross, but not dangerous. 

Occasionally people have reported feeling ill afterward, but who doesn’t feel a little tired after evacuating their entire digestive system?

The salt water detox should not be used as a weight management tool.

Here's a better solution for long term weight loss.

Repeated use will overwork the digestive system and leave you dehydrated and possibly even dependent on it for pooping.

Everything in moderation, please.

Colonic, Enema or Salt Water Flush?

All three use a natural, non-chemical approaches to the colon cleanse. What we like about the salt water flush is that it moves through your body the way nature intended things to move through your body:

In through the mouth; out through the rear.

This makes it far more natural and peaceful for your body than shooting water up your backside.

Additionally, because the salt water flush starts at the beginning of your digestive system, rather than at the end of it, you have the opportunity to cleanse the entire system.

Colonics and enemas are not a complete cleanse because they address only the last stage of your digestion.

Your body is great at detoxing itself when you simply give it the right food, or drink in this case.

The salt water flush is much more than a colon cleanse.

It’s a whole digestive cleanse.

Side Effects of the Salt Water Cleanse

The most obvious side effect is diarrhea, but that’s not really a side effect, more of a desired effect.

Here's a big tip:

It is advised to do the flush on an empty stomach, such as first thing in the morning.

If you can do it on an empty stomach after a bowel movement, even better.

There will be less in there to deal with.

Many people feel nauseous immediately after consuming the mixture and some people can’t keep it down.

Gagging and vomiting are not uncommon, and we have some tips that will allow you to circumvent this problem as well.

You will also feel very thirsty afterward.

You can drink more water and suck on ice cubes to offset the uncomfortable dry feeling in your mouth.

The salt water flush certainly has fewer side effects than a chemical laxative, and it’s totally natural.

Benefits of Salt Water Flush

Most of the benefits of the salt water flush have been covered in previous paragraphs, so I’ll sum them up briefly.


Your body will be as clean as it has ever been, from the start of your digestive system all the way to a final colon cleanse.

Your stomach, small intestines, large intestines and colon will each benefit in their own way from the flush


Some people use the salt water cleanse to create a new start before they embark on a whole food diet. If you haven’t been eating well, you digestive system is likely backed up. A whole food diet will clear this problem on its own, but some people want faster results.


A variety of problems with our diet can cause belly bloating. Even healthy diets can cause bloating from time to time. The salt water cleanse will remove air, liquid and solids to flatten you out.


The weight loss from a salt water flush is noticeable (expect 10 lbs), but keep in mind that it’s temporary. We have some tips below to maximize weight loss on this flush.


Bowel movements are part of the body's built-in detox, and necessary for basic health. If you’re having problems with  constipation or don't go on daily basis, the salt water cleanse is a natural way to solve the problem without even leaving the house. In fact, you won’t want to leave the house.


Water and juice cleanses eliminate fiber from the diet. Without fiber, part of the digestive system shuts down and the body’s most natural form of detox shuts down too. You can’t crap because there’s no fiber. Such cleanses require a laxative and the salt water flush is the most natural form.

Salt Water Cleanse for Weight Loss

You've got to be wondering:

How much weight can I lose doing this?

You can lose a surprising amount of weight on this thing.

Ten pounds is not unusual and twenty pounds is possible when you use some of the tips provided in this section.

The weight doesn’t stay off long, especially if you resume your normal eating habits right away.

For weight loss, the salt water flush should be done a day or two before the event you’re attending.

Our bodies hold a lot of water because we need it to survive and feel okay.

Shedding a bunch of it for just a day won’t hurt you and it could be the beginning of a healthier lifestyle.

As we mentioned before, weight lifters, fighters, models and other celebrities use the salt water flush to lose weight all the time.

Here’s what professionals do to make the most of a weight loss salt water flush:

In the week leading up to your salt water flush, avoid sugar, flour, rice and fruit.

Go heavy on fat and protein.

On day 2 or 3 before your flush, start drinking tons of water. A gallon a day or so for a couple of days. This is far more than your body needs and it will send a signal to your body to start dumping water.

Because it takes a couple of days for this mechanism to turn off, you can trick your body into dumping even more.

Here’s how:

Remember, when you do a salt water flush for weight loss, the water is not absorbed by your body due to the salt. So it moves right through.

No retention.

Throughout the day of the flush, limit your water intake to just a couple of glasses.

You will find yourself still going pee all day even with the limited water intake because your body is still in water dumping mode.

The following day (the day of your event) only sip on water up until your event begins.

Once you’re in the clear, you need to start hydrating right away or you won’t feel well.


Don’t combine this approach with alcohol. You’ll look and feel like complete shit and your event will be ruined.

How to Do a Salt Water Cleanse

An effective and easy salt water cleanse means doing as much as possible to ensure things go smoothly. The timing, recipe and supplies all play a role in your success.


You’ll want to schedule your flush for a day that’s not too demanding. Most people want to be at home for their cleanse, though seasoned flushers will just spend the first couple of hours at home as long as they have access to a bathroom at their next location.

Women, do not do the flush near your period. Your body will need it’s full strength for the day, so save it for the middle of your cycle.

An empty stomach will greatly reduce the likelihood of vomiting when you drink the mixture. It will also allow the salt water to work more effectively because it won’t be competing for other resources required to digest food.

First thing in the morning is an ideal time, though anytime 2 hours after your last intake of food will work. Starting after you’ve already had your daily bowel movement will mean you have less stuff shooting out your rear.

I recommend at least four hours before leaving the house, but some people need more time. A lot of people don’t like taking a big loose crap in a public place. Model, Shelby Welinder said she doesn’t leave the house the entire day. Just makes a day at home. Near a toilet and a shower.

What You Need​

What You Need: The materials are cheap and simple. You need water and sea salt. Note that sea salt is not the same as table salt, which is stripped of minerals and contains iodine. You need pure sea salt. White, grey, pink; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s sea salt. Himalayan will do as well.

Ideally, you want purified water, but in our recipe you boil the water to ensure the salt dissolves, so tap water is fine if it’s what you’ve got on hand.

You’ll need plenty of toilet paper and a good functioning toilet. If not, make sure you have a plunger. The last thing you need is backing up your toilet at a time when you won’t be able to hold your bowels.

Lastly, you should have a comfortable place to rest. A couch or bed will be inviting if you don’t feel so great in the first hour or so. This feeling passes, but you want to be gentle with yourself while you give your body a treatment as intense as this one.

Hacking the Salt Water Cleanse: Getting it Down and Not Vomiting

If you have incredible focus and can go to your happy place, your best bet is chugging all 4 cups at once, while holding your nose and looking in the mirror. This provides enough brain distraction that most people can get it down.

If you’re like the rest of us, you need all the help you can get. We have several tips. You’re sure to find at least one that will work.

Address The Flavor. Some people find it easy if they re-imagine the flavor or if they change the flavor. Picture yourself drinking hot broth, like you do when you have a cold. Chicken broth without the chicken is essentially hot salt water. And it feels nice on the throat.

Change the flavor. Suck on some strong mints or gum immediately before to retain some of that taste while you swallow. You could even brush your teeth or use mouthwash. If you chug the water, most of it won’t have a chance to interact with your taste buds anyway. Remember college parties.

You can also add just a bit of lemon juice to the mixture. It won’t affect your results and it might make it easier to swallow.

Change The Process. Instead of diluting 2-3 teaspoons of salt into 4 cups of water, dissolve it into 2 cups. The flavor will be worse, but the volume less. Immediately chase it with the other 2 cups of regular water. It can even be cold water if that helps. Just be sure you consume a total of 4 cups.

Use a Chaser. If you’re really worried about vomiting, chase it with a spoonful of honey or bite into a lemon or lime—like with tequila shots

How ever you manage to get it down, you may feel ill for a few minutes. Lie down or get some fresh air and the sensation will fade. Before you know it, you’ll be passing so much out of your ass, you won’t remember the nausea.



2-3 teaspoons of Sea Salt (no iodine salts)

4 cups of water


1. Add water and salt to a pan and bring to just under a boil.

2. Reduce to steaming, stirring until salt is dissolved in water. 2-3 minutes.

3. Let cool to a drinkable temperature. Should be similar to drinking warm broth.

4. Pour into a heat proof glass or pitcher that you can chug from

5. Drink the whole thing in 10-20 minutes.

6. Within an hour, you’ll be heading for the bathroom.

7. After your first bowel movement, start drinking pure water—at least another four glasses over the course of the day to maintain hydration. After a few hours, feel free to eat if you feel like it. No dehydrating beverages for a few hours (caffeinated or sugary).

8. Rest and be easy on yourself for the remainder of the day.

9. If you’re not getting results, you need to move your body. Walking, dancing or stretching will help to get other things moving.

After the Flush

Eight hours after you down the salt water, you’re ready to move on. You can resume normal eating and drinking habits as you wish. The flush is finished.

If you’re in the middle of another cleanse, continue as directed. If you were dealing with constipation issues, now is the time to introduce lots of fiber and whole foods into your diet so you don’t have to do this again in a month.

If you were using the salt water flush for weight loss, keep this one in your back pocket for really special occasions when you need the help.

Congratulate yourself on your freshly cleansed digestive system and recognize your own ability to intervene and take action when it comes to your body.

How Often Should I Salt Water Flush?

A safe frequency will depend on the individual. People who’ve had long term constipation or a seriously toxic lifestyle can do 7 days in a row. Most people use this detox only once or twice a year. You need to listen to what your body tells you. It knows what you need and don’t need.

If you do not get a bowel movement on the first day, try again the next day. You have to use the recipe exactly as described to get results, but even then, some bodies are more stubborn than others. And some people just don’t get bowel movements on this flush. Who knows why.

One approach is to do the flush enough days that the fluid leaving you, becomes pretty close to just being water. You’ll know you’re clear when it comes out fairly clear. For most people, it’s only a day to get the system clean.

Do not use more than 7 consecutive days. Most people couldn’t imagine it, but a salt water cleanse can become part an eating disorder of binging and flushing instead of binging and purging. It’s just as dangerous and will eventually harm your digestive system and your overall health. To compensate for everyday flushing, your body will stop doing its own digestive work, leaving you dependant on laxatives just to emit your daily waste.