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Plant Protein: High Protein Foods for Vegans and Vegetarians

Plant Protein: High Protein Foods for Vegans and VegetariansYour body is never at rest – even when you sleep. Cells are constantly being broken down and then rebuilt and regenerated. In fact, this time next year, virtually every cell in your body will have died and been replaced; you’ll be a whole new skinny bitch […]

The Best Vegan Protein Powders

The Best Vegan Protein PowdersPlant-based Protein PowdersSupplements are not always my favorite source of nutrition. And sometimes, they are a pure scam. For instance, antioxidants don’t work. At least not in supplement form. The discoveries about antioxidants in the 80’s were so promising, but long terms studies showed that the health benefits only happen when […]

What You Need to Start a Vegan Diet

What You Need to Start a Vegan DietIf you are ready to start a vegan diet, it’s time to take action and jump right in. As soon as you start eating plant based foods you’ll notice incredible benefits in all aspects of your life. The purpose of going vegan far outweighs learning how to transition. […]

Staying the Vegan Course

Staying the Vegan CourseIf you’ve recently started a vegan lifestyle you may be overwhelmed by the amount of foods that contain animal products and you may face many challenges as you transition. Friends, family and co-workers may ask you questions about why you’ve chosen to become vegan, some questions you may have answers for and […]

Risks of a Vegan Diet

Risks of a Vegan DietThe doctor told him it was critical he start eating meat. He’d been in to the office 6 times in as many months with unusual injuries, and when he finally mentioned he was vegan, the doctor understood what was going on. His lousy, vegan diet wasn’t providing enough vital nutrients for […]

The Argument for a Vegan Diet

The Argument for a Vegan DietVeganism is a hotly debated topic. People will say that humans are meant to eat animals and that a vegan diet is not nutritionally complete. Both of these statements can be shown to be false. A well-rounded vegan diet is nutritionally complete and is satisfying and delicious to eat. Eating […]

History of the Vegan Diet Past to Present

History of the Vegan Diet Past to Present Being a vegan and not eating animals is not a modern concept. All throughout history, humans have made choices to not eat animals. While today many people choose a vegan diet for health reasons, the origins of the diet are actually rooted in ethical debate. The question […]