Lose Weight Faster With The 3-Day Military Diet

3 Day Military Diet

People who lose weight with diets do two things very well: First, they find a diet with a proven track record that they know works. Second, they’re brutal about putting 100% of themselves into making it work. You’re probably wondering: How can I make this work for me? Today, we’re going to make it easy for you. … Read more

Lose Water Weight: 7 Days to Skinny

Lose Water Weight

Apolo Ohno was doing laundry at my friend’s house. The how and why are not important. (In case you don’t know, Ohno is an 8-time Olympic speed skating medalist.) The point is… My friend could have sold his boxers on eBay, but instead, she learned his super-secret SkinnyBitch weapon for getting lean ultra fast. Apolo … Read more

The GM Diet Day 1 – Day 7

The GM Diet Day 1 – Day 7

The 7-day weight loss program developed by General Motors involves eating only fruits and vegetables the first three days of the plan. The foods you will eat are high in fiber, with less protein, fats, and carbohydrates. The high fiber is designed to accelerate your bowel activity and detox your body. If you are dedicated … Read more