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The Diet Problem: How Models Stay Thin

HOW MODELS DESTROY FAT AND STAY SKINNY FOR LIFEHave you been searching for the real way people stay skinny?In the next few minutes you’re going to learn the secrets to fighting fat and becoming naturally skinny.If it sounds too good to be true, you’re not alone. As you probably suspect, the usual methods for losing weight just […]

Why Smoking Isn’t as Bad as You Think

Why Smoking Isn’t as Bad as You ThinkYou’re not dead yet.  But it could come sooner than you think—even with an excellent diet.  If you sit on your ass all day at any kind of desk or cubicle job like most modern day adults, you’re already in trouble. You’re probably wondering: What does this have to do […]

5 Secrets Skinny People Live By

5 Secrets Skinny People Live ByI’ll give you a hint: They don’t count calories or take vitamins.  No pills and no personal trainers.  Naturally thin people inherently understand how to keep their bodies healthy without too much work.  That’s why it’s so easy for them. And why it’s so infuriating to everyone else. They ignore the noise […]

Easiest 3 Day Diet

Easiest 3 Day DietThree day diets can be brutal… Often disgusting and usually unhealthy. They give us a fast way to drop a few pounds as long as we’re willing to go through it. At SkinnyB we get literally thousands of requests a month for these kinds of diets. After digging and researching, we realized the easiest and healthiest 3 […]

The #1 Mistake in Losing Weight (and 9 more you’re probably making)

The #1 Mistake in Losing Weight (and 9 More You’re Probably Making)With so much diet advice pushed upon us daily, it’s hard to know anymore what’s right and what’s just absolutely wrong. At SkinnyBitch, we’re not fans of fads. Sure, a 3 or 7 day diet will jump start your weight loss, but in the […]