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Plant Protein: High Protein Foods for Vegans and Vegetarians

Plant Protein: High Protein Foods for Vegans and VegetariansYour body is never at rest – even when you sleep. Cells are constantly being broken down and then rebuilt and regenerated. In fact, this time next year, virtually every cell in your body will have died and been replaced; you’ll be a whole new skinny bitch […]

The Best Vegan Protein Powders

The Best Vegan Protein PowdersPlant-based Protein PowdersSupplements are not always my favorite source of nutrition. And sometimes, they are a pure scam. For instance, antioxidants don’t work. At least not in supplement form. The discoveries about antioxidants in the 80’s were so promising, but long terms studies showed that the health benefits only happen when […]

Flexitarian: What Kind are You?

Flexitarian: What Kind are You?I can’t believe people want to be vegan. The response to books like Skinny Bitch and Thug Kitchen,  while inspiring, continue to shock me. The commitment requires so much vigilance. The quest for a nutrition rich vegan diet is even more challenging. For those of you less die-hard, we present the […]

Health Benefits and Risks of a Vegetarian Diet

Health Benefits and Risks of a Vegetarian DietVegan and vegetarian diets are associated with better health, but without the proper replacement of animal nutrients, you’re better off eating meat. The best health outcomes happen when animal products are replaced with natural forms of lean protein, real foods and loads of vegetables.Health Benefits of a Vegetarian […]

Minding Your Vegetarian Manners

Minding Your Vegetarian MannersWe’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: it’s skinny bitch, not bitchy bitch. Your diet lies in your hands and yours alone. If you’ve recently become a vegetarian, you may have some uncertainty about how to dine out or how to have meals with family and friends. Rest assured, you can […]

How to Avoid Vegetarian Pitfalls

How to Avoid Vegetarian PitfallsYour goal is to make vast lifestyle improvements. We’re here to help you avoid making a mess of it. Adopting a whole foods vegetarian diet can make you leaner, healthier and happier, but you have to think ahead to make it a success. If you don’t plan and prepare for a […]

History and Evolution of the Vegetarian Diet

History and Evolution of the Vegetarian DietVegetarians have been around longer than the diet was a choice. Evidence shows us that some paleolithic people existed on a nearly 100% plant based diet. Historically, a vegetarian diet was a safer alternative to stalking and hunting a large animal. Plants were easier to eat and digest–especially in […]