Staying the Vegan Course

Staying the Vegan Course

If you’ve recently started a vegan lifestyle you may be overwhelmed by the amount of foods that contain animal products and you may face many challenges as you transition. Friends, family, and co-workers may ask you questions about why you’ve chosen to become vegan, some questions you may have answers for, and some questions you … Read more

The Green Smoothie Lifestyle: Vitality in Every Sip


I blame Jamba Juice. And any other fast-food chain restaurant that offers sweet smoothies touting them as a healthy alternative to coffee and sodas. Most of the time, there’s no real food in these smoothies. In the best case, a banana and a splash of orange juice are the only real food you’re getting with … Read more

Flexitarian: What Kind are You?


I can’t believe people want to be vegan. The response to books like Skinny Bitch and Thug Kitchen,  while inspiring, continues to shock me. The commitment requires so much vigilance. The quest for a nutrition-rich vegan diet is even more challenging. For those of you less die-hard, we present the flexitarian diet. A flexitarian is just what it … Read more

Minding Your Vegetarian Manners

Minding Your Vegetarian Manners

We’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating: it’s skinny bitch, not bitchy bitch. Your diet lies in your hands and yours alone. If you’ve recently become a vegetarian, you may have some uncertainty about how to dine out or how to have meals with family and friends. Rest assured, you can still be a vegetarian … Read more

Shaking Up Your Health: 310 Shake® Reviews and Results

310 Shake

Gone are the days of plugging your nose and downing a gallon of some unknown chalky substance. Today, several companies make meal replacement drinks made with natural, healthy ingredients. At SkinnyB, we’d prefer to see folks drinking a green smoothie made with real food, but we’ve decided to review this product due to its tremendous … Read more