The Complete Guide to Nugenix®: Reviews, Ingredients, Results

Men in their twenties normally have a healthy sex drive. They can also gain muscle mass quickly and easily.

About the “Fountain of Youth

Men over thirty often notice and feel changes with each aging year.

Decreased sex drive, less energy, and harder to keep up a firm physique.

Millions of men in the aging population are wondering:

How do I get all of that back?

How Do Testosterone Boosters like Nugenix® Work?

How Do Testosterone Boosters like Nugenix® Work?

Testosterone boosters are supplements targeted to increase testosterone levels in men.

They are different from other testosterone boosters like patches or creams.

The “active” ingredients (a herb and vitamin blend) are also intended to prevent testosterone from turning into estrogen.

Testosterone boosters don’t contain synthetic testosterone (like steroids do). But they are thought to encourage the body to make more testosterone.

What is Nugenix®?

What is Nugenix®?

Nugenix® is a naturally derived testosterone-boosting supplement. Its blend of vitamins and herbs is encapsulated in the U.S. That means the raw ingredients can be from anywhere—but they are put together, into pill form, in the USA.

The pills are gelatin capsules and appear to be the standard size of other testosterone boosters.

The unique formula is for men with issues related to hypogonadism or “Low-T.” It is also targeted at active men who want to see an increase in muscle.

Suitable candidates for Nugenix® include any man who:

● Is over the age of 30

● Has low energy

● Struggles to sustain or have an erection

● Has a decreased sex drive

● Notices loss of muscle definition

● Has “low” moods

Low testosterone can happen to any man, but it can be difficult to understand.

Knowing more about how low testosterone affects the body can help you better understand why Nugenix® could be a good choice for you. The video below casts some light on this important subject.

Taking Nugenix®

According to the directions, take three capsules each day on an empty stomach with a glass of water.

For men who workout, instructions state that the capsules are best taken about 30 minutes before a workout.

For non-active men or on “non-workout” days, it’s best to take capsules in the morning.

Nugenix® users may increase their dosage by 1 or 2 capsules, depending on needs and desired results.

Men may prefer to take a supplement like Nugenix® because it doesn’t require a visit to the doctor’s office or a prescription.

Unlike creams and other treatments, capsules may be easier to take and more convenient.

What Can You Expect from Taking Nugenix®?

What Can You Expect from Taking Nugenix®?

Nugenix® is described as a testosterone booster. Additionally, it claims to help men to “feel stronger” and “increase one’s sex drive.” We’re not sure exactly how that happens, and the product manufacturers don’t explain it either.

The product is also promoted to boost overall health and improve intimate relationships.

Is it Just a Placebo?

Placebo response is the improvement shown when participants in a study are given a sugar pill instead of an active medication. It’s important to note that clinical studies for medication show some placebo effect for nearly every disease out there. Meaning, that in every trial, we see a portion of people in the placebo group (sometimes a large portion) improve–even for things like blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Placebo is not an imagined response, but a real, physical improvement by the body or the systems of the body.

Worth noting is the typical placebo response for erectile dysfunction drugs. In a trial done for a popular ED medication, Cialis, the placebo response rate was 12%. In other words, 12% of people in the placebo group improved whereas 39% of those taking the real medication improved.

So is the improvement seen in Nugenix® nothing more than a placebo? Science tells us that at least a portion of positive response rates must be attributed to placebo. But without controlled studies, we don’t know how much. The truth is, if you improve, you improve. And that’s great. It doesn’t really matter how much of it is placebo if you get the results you want.

Strengths of Nugenix®

● Contains vitamins and minerals that can improve general health

● Can be conveniently purchased in stores

● Active and inactive men can take the product

● Refunds for unsatisfied customers

● Easy to take

Drawbacks of Nugenix®

● The supplement is not regulated by FDA

● Some ingredients can be found in less expensive multi-vitamins

● You may not see desired results—or any results. It’s not guaranteed, but you can get a refund.

● “Free” samples are not free (S&H required)

● Expensive

● Customers may accidentally sign up for automatic shipments

● Users need to read the small print

Does Nugenix® Deliver on Its Promise?

Does Nugenix® Deliver on Its Promise?

The makers of Nugenix® claim that their product is “A Fountain of Energy, Strength, and stamina.” For millions of men who are looking to regain some youth, many rely on this supplement.

Where does one obtain this so-called fountain of youth?

Testofen (a blend containing Fenugreek) allegedly boosts “free” testosterone when used in conjunction with resistance training. We have no scientific evidence to back this claim.

Other key ingredients include

  • L-Citrulline Malate

  • Tribulus

  • Zinc

  • Vitamins B6 and B12.

  • About the “Fountain of Youth”

During the natural process of aging, it’s normal to see and feel changes due to lower testosterone.

As soon as a man starts taking a testosterone booster of any kind, the Low-T symptoms may decrease. Although he may end up feeling younger, it doesn’t make him any younger.

A Closer Look at Fenugreek and Testofen

A Closer Look at Fenugreek and Testofen

You’re probably wondering:

What’s the difference between Testofen and Fenugreek?

Testofen is a trademarked version of fenugreek made by Gencor Pacific. Testofen is often an active ingredient in a variety of testosterone-boosting products.

Fenugreek is seed native to Southeastern Europe and Asia. Fenugreek has been used for cooking, insect repellent, and medicinal properties.

It has been consumed to help with milk production in nursing mothers and for cholesterol and diabetes control.

Whether or not Fenugreek boosts testosterone is still in the works. A current study is still recruiting eligible participants, and scientists hope to have published results in March of 2017. So far, we have nothing meaningful to back the claims.

A Look at Other Ingredients

Zinc and Vitamin B6 and B12 are typically already found in a men’s multivitamin.

Men with low levels of Zinc may suffer from hypogonadism. Regaining normal levels of zinc may boost levels of testosterone to normal levels.

Nugenix also contains the following:

● Vitamin B6 is good for your heart and produces energy

● B12 can help decrease the risk of depression

● L-Citrulline is a natural amino acid. Often taken for memory loss, muscle weakness, erectile dysfunction, and increasing energy

● Tribulus is a plant-derived herb that claims to boost testosterone and build muscle.

Reviews: What Men Are Saying About Nugenix®

Reviews: What Men Are Saying About Nugenix®

Overall, the general opinion about Nugenix® is lukewarm at best.

While there are a handful of positive reviews, a majority of them reflect disappointment, failure to see consistent results, and a waste of money.

Review 1

I had my testosterone levels tested a few month ago and my levels were 399 (under 400 is considered low). I took 3 pills per day for about 3 months, got tested again this week and my levels are 298.So this product has been ineffective for me and I’m just gonna stop taking it.” – GNC


Review 2

“I tried Nugenix for 2 solid months. I work out 3 to 4 times per month. The result: I can’t say that I noticed any difference. The amount of weight that I can lift did not increase over the 2 month period. My sex drive remained consistent. My energy levels seems to wax and wane the way they did before (mostly tied to sleep, diet, and general happiness). I did not notice any bad side effects.”-Amazon


Review 3

“Tried this product 1 bottle and 1/2 of the other. As for making you feel better it works, felt strong at the gym. As for sex purpose it’s not the greatest. If you already have prostate problems, for me it made it worse. This product also made me more tense, and disrupted my sleeping.” –Walgreens

As you can see, these users made a commitment to Nugenix® for a significant amount of time. They did not see the results they had hoped for or reflected in Nugenix’s® promise.

Published Studies

Published Studies

There are no published studies about Nugenix®, itself. However, there are published works on the key ingredients in testosterone-boosting products like Nugenix®.

Here are a few studies discussing Low-T, fenugreek, and Tribulus:

A Review Discussing Various Health Factors and Low-T Treatment

In a systematic review for men with low T, various testosterone supplements were used. The results varied greatly and depended on mental health, heart health, activity, and overall health.

While this article doesn’t discuss the active ingredients or Nugenix®, health may play a large role in results.

In its claims, Nugenix® is “completely safe” for any man of any age, activity level, or health. This study highlights and suggests why some men may see results with testosterone products.

A reader can also assume that health plays a huge role in men seeing or feeling no results.

A Study on Fenugreek

Since fenugreek is used in the “active” ingredient, Testofen, it’s important to take a closer look. Fenugreek has been proven to work for other health issues, but it is still unclear if it can help men with hypogonadism (Low-T).

In the course of an eight-week study, male participants were given a supplement with fenugreek. The results showed that many of the participants saw an increase in muscle mass and less body fat.

The results didn’t discuss other signs of testosterone increase, such as sex drive or energy.

The participants who saw a “boost” were young, active, and had normal levels of testosterone. It is important to note that the results of the study may have been different if it included older or sedentary participants.

A Closer Look at Tribulus

The supposed benefits of Tribulus, another ingredient in Nugenix®, include increased muscle mass and increased libido.

No solid results prove that it increases muscle mass on its own, but it may help to increase male libido.

The study took a look at “sluggish” older male rats with a low sex drive. The rats were given the dried fruit of the Tribulus plant and saw an increased libido.

Although scientists concluded that Tribulus was safe for humans, there’s very little research involving humans.

Critical Remarks

As we stated earlier, the consensus of customers was less than a five-star review. We don’t know the age and activity level of most Nugenix® reviewers.

Based on peer reviews, it’s clear that the testosterone booster fails to consistently deliver the “promised” results (if at all).

Unfortunately, there are no authoritative studies or reviews specifically about Nugenix, only the studies on active ingredients, as stated above.

Caution: Visit Your Doctor First

Nugenix is readily available at many stores and samples can be requested. This convenience may interest more consumers.

Purchasing and consuming Nugenix® without knowing enough about your health can be harmful.

Men, who want to see an increase in their sex drive or gain muscle mass, should seek advice from their physician first. Although low T can be a general issue, some men may have other health issues.

Risks of Active Ingredients in Nugenix®

There are no known major risks associated with taking Nugenix®. Any negative reactions to taking the product may be related to your health.

Some users complained of digestive issues, and some saw a rise in blood pressure.

Nugenix® is not named as a risk by the FDA. However, the FDA has warned testosterone booster users over age 65 of increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

While there are no known side effects directly related to Nugenix®, there are the risks associated with some of the ingredients:

Negative Effects of Fenugreek

Fenugreek has been shown to be beneficial for diabetes and cholesterol. It can interact negatively with some drugs like Warfarin and can cause facial swelling, congestion, and allergies.

Some users complain of “maple” scented urine and sweat, and others complain of digestive issues.

Negative Effects of Tribulus

Although Tribulus was shown to increase the sexual libido of male rats, there is little evidence of other benefits.

Here are some possible side effects when taking Tribulus:

● Nephrotoxicity (liver toxicity)

● Damage to the nervous system

● Prostate issues

● Sleep disorders

● Negative interactions with some medications


At this time, there is no history of recalls on Nugenix®. There is no recall information on its parent company, Direct Digital, LLC., which also makes Instaflex, a joint supplement.

Despite negative reviews and some negative side effects, none of the active ingredients have been recalled.


In 2015, one class action suit involved three plaintiffs and 15 defendants, including Direct Digital, LLC. The defendants included companies that distributed products containing Testofen.

The plaintiffs filed a claim that the defendants used false advertising, fraud, and breach of implied warranty. Through various media, the defendants sold an ineffective product.

The plaintiffs were not injured by the products containing Testofen. They were seeking compensation for not seeing the results as promised.

Due to the small about of cases involved, judges will not allow for cases to be consolidated at this time. Individual cases are still being tried in courts.

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