2019 Diet Pills Buyers Guide

Before you get too excited about diet pills, you should know that by 2019, weight loss is expected to be a $200 billion industry. Paid links are included below.

That’s a lot of money changing hands.

In short, you’re not the only one considering this option. The problem is that very few diet pills actually work and  lots of people end up getting scammed.

While many diet pills are proven to work, most on the market are no different from placebo. The wrong diet pill can harm your body and scam you out of hundreds of dollars over time. Don’t take the risk before you read this guide and get all the facts you need to make a smart decision.

How Diet Pills Work

Weight loss pills work by 3 mechanisms:

1. Appetite Suppressant—The most common weight loss pills suppress appetite and reduce feelings of hunger. Appetite suppressants work for weight loss because the patient is inclined to eat less while on them. Overall calorie reduction results in weight loss.

While most prescription appetite suppressants have been pulled from the market due to increased risk of death, several natural alternatives are available.

2. Metabolism Booster—Compounds that increase metabolism are expected to burn more calories, resulting in weight loss. When we burn more calories than we take in, our bodies burn fat to make up the difference. Most of the drugs in the Appetite Suppressant category are also stimulants and the two work together.

Stimulants give a temporary boost to mental or physical activity. A quick example is the caffeine in coffee. When you drink a huge volume, you feel highly alert, even jittery at times. Coffee increases metabolic rate, which results in more calories burned.

3. Absorption Blockers—When you can prevent the body from absorbing certain elements of food, these elements pass through and don’t affect weight. One of the most popular is Alli (also known as Xenical or Orlistat), which prevents ingested fat from breaking down in the body. If fat can’t break down, it can’t be absorbed.

Now that you have an idea for how diet pills work, let’s look at your best options. They are listed no particular order. If you’re looking for a specific diet pill or weight loss supplement, you can click the table of contents below and go straight there.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $72


Zantrex is a capsule that relies on several sources of caffeine to stimulate metabolism and suppress appetite. You take two pills, 15 minutes before each meal (breakfast, lunch and dinner). Do not exceed 6 pills a day. Each capsule contains approximately 150 mg of caffeine, for a daily total of 900 mg. This more than double the amount considered safe by the Mayo Clinic.

For reference, you get about 100 mg of caffeine is an 8 oz cup of coffee. You get about 65 mg per shot of espresso.

How Zantrex Works

It works just like caffeine because that’s what it is. As you can see from the list below, the primary effects of Zantrex rely on multiple sources of caffeine. For some people, caffeine works as an appetite suppressant and can curb calorie intake while it’s active. Caffeine may also stimulate thermogenesis, or heat generated by the body. The more heat you generate, the more calories you burn.


NOTE: Most of the active ingredients in Zantrex are sources of caffeine.

Guarana—Source of caffeine

Yerba Mate—Source of mateine, a molecule very similar to caffeine

Trimethylxanthine—The chemical name for pure caffeine

Damiana—Used as an aphrodisiac; used to calm a nervous stomach (may be included in Zantrex to offset the jitters created by so much caffeine); may increase blood sugar.

Green Tea—Source of caffeine.

Kola—Source of caffeine.

Schizonepeta—May have anti-inflammatory properties. No evidence in weight loss. Read more about it here.

Black pepper—Doesn’t do much on its own, but may increase absorption of other ingredients.

Rhodiola crenulata—Claims to boost energy, but no evidence exists to support it.

Asian ginseng—No known weight loss benefits. Read more here.

Maca—May increase sexual desire; not a stimulant.

Cacao—Over 20 studies have shown it to increase blood flow through vasodilation. A few studies have shown it improves insulin sensitivity. Here’s a great article.

Black Tea—Source of caffeine

Weight Loss Claims and Published Studies

Zantrex Claim: Subjects using the proven active formula in Zantrex-3, for a little over 6 weeks, experienced an average weight loss of a whopping 11.2 pounds. Rapid weight loss and extreme energy are also claimed.

While no results have been published for Zantrex, many exist for the use of caffeine. You can read more about it here.


Zantrex has been met with mixed reviews and an average score of 3/5 stars. The most common complaint is severe nervousness and jitteriness. The most common praise is energy boost rather than weight loss. People either tend to hate Zantrex or love it. Not a lot in between.

After taking 4 pills a day (most days) for the last 6 weeks, and continuing the exercise and diet regimen I was on before starting this product, and counting calories as I did before. I have not only lost an additional 7 pounds, but have maintained that weight loss (even throughout 2 menstrual cycles, 3 birthdays of relatives and Valentine’s day. That says a lot). It is not exactly rapid weight loss but a consistent 1lb off and maintained per week is excellent.

Didn’t work for me. The first week it did a pretty good job at suppressing my appetite, but it didn’t give me any extra energy when working out. After a week, it didn’t even suppress my appetite anymore. I didn’t feel any different when taking it.

Risks and Side Effects

According to the Mayo Clinic, consuming more than 500-600 mg of caffeine a day can result in insomnia, nervousness, stomach upset, irritability, rapid heartbeat and muscle tremors. The recommended dose of Zantrex is 900 mg of caffeine, putting you well into the risk zone for these side effects.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $50


What is Hydroxycut? It’s a huge brand with a large product line—using a different mix of ingredients. Here, we’ll look at the most popular version: Hydroxycut Pro Clinical.

How Does Hydroxycut Work?

The recommended dose is to start with 1 pill 30 minutes before each meal (3 meals a day) and ramp up to 2 pills before each meal. Do not exceed 6 pills a day. Each pill contains about 107 mg of caffeine, which puts you at 642 mg of caffeine at the full daily dose. It’s similar to having 6 cups of coffee.

As you can see from the ingredients list below, caffeine is the only ingredient in Hydroxycut associated with weight loss. Caffeine is shown to work as an appetite suppressant as well as an agent in increasing thermogenenis (which burns more calories).


Robusta coffee extract—Derived from green, unroasted, coffee beans. See Green Coffee Beans for more on this active ingredient.

Caffeine anhydrous—Source of caffeine.

Papaya—May have anti-inflammatory properties. None known for weight loss.

Maqui—No known weight loss benefits. Source of antioxidants.

Blackberry—May have anti-inflammatory properties. None known for weight loss.

Amla extract—Source of antioxidants. No known weight loss effects.

Saffron extract—May induce sweating and may have antidepressant properties.

Claims and Published Studies

Hydroxycut bills itself as America’s bestselling weight loss supplement brand—and it is. In one of their own studies, they claim the Hydroxycut group lost 11 pounds over 60 days. In another, they claim the Hydroxycut group lost nearly 4 pounds.

While no independent studies on Hydroxycut have been done, we have plenty of studies about caffeine related weight loss. In the short term caffeine can boost metabolism by as much as 11% and increase fat burning by as much as 29%.

However, the effects wear off as you develop a caffeine tolerance, so the benefits are strictly short term.


Hydroxycut averages about 3.5 stars in reviews around the web, with about half of reviews being very satisfied with the product. The biggest complaints are insomnia, anxiety and nervousness. People who liked the product said it helped them lose weight.

First two weeks on Hydroxycut, I dropped from 21% bf to 19%. Not great, but the results were enough to keep me on this cycle and see if I couldn’t widen that gap some more. Unfortunately, after another two weeks, I was only down another 1% bf, which brought me to 3% total. I’ve lost more than this in half the time with no supplements.

I do notice this product gives me more energy. But even if I take it in the morning I am jittery all day. Some days I find it worth it, sometimes I find that it gives me such horrible anxiety and insomnia from being so jittery it isn’t worth it.

Risks and Side Effects

In 2009, certain versions of Hydroxycut had to be recalled because of seizures and muscle damage. Those versions are no longer on the market.

Hydroxycut pushes the maximum recommended daily dose of caffeine without going over it, unlike other diet pills. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may experience the following: insomnia, nervousness, stomach upset, irritability, rapid heartbeat and muscle tremors.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $23

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia is a fruit found in Asia and Africa—it is also called tamarind. It is found as an active ingredient in several over the counter diet pills but can also be purchased as a standalone supplement, most commonly sold in capsule form.

How Does Garcinia Cambogia Work?

Garcinia Cambogia is thought to work as a blocker by preventing carbohydrates from converting to fat, thus reducing fat storage in cells. Some studies show it may also have appetite suppressant qualities as well. The recommended dosage is 500 mg taken 30 minutes prior to meals.

Active Ingredients

HydroxyCitric Acid (or HCA)—Found in the rind of the fruit.

Claims and Published Studies

Several studies have shown weight reduction and fat loss in rats, but these results have not yet been replicated in humans. Several poorly designed studies (no control group or small number of people) show effectiveness for this supplement with weight loss. However, the high quality human studies show no impact of Garcinia Cambogia on weight loss.


The best product reviews are for those containing the highest concentrations of the active ingredient Hydroxy Citric Acid (1000 mg). With an average of 4 out of 5 stars, Garcinia Cambogia is one of the best performing diet pills available without a prescription. Most reviews are positive and people report being generally happy with the results.

​I have been using GC for 14 months now. I have lost a total of 40 pounds. I had lost most of the weight in the first 4 months, but have stabilized and am now maintaining. No change in exercise, just added the GC. It has helped me to stave off cravings and control portions. The biggest thng has been the between meal snacks that I no longer crave.

I’ve been taking this product for almost 2 weeks and have noticed no difference whatsoever.

Risks and Side Effects

High doses of Garcinia Cambogia have caused testicular toxicity in mice. We don’t know how that might translate to human side effects.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $78


Several natural diet pills use the prefix Phen in the name. However, they are not related to one another. PhenElite is a capsule taken 30 minutes before each of your three meals. The recommended dose is 1-2 pills, 3 times a day.

How Does it Work?

PhenElite uses a unique combination of ingredients associated with weight loss and does not rely as heavily on caffeine as some of the others. Two capsules contain 135mg of caffeine, which would give you about 400 mg total if you took 2 before each meal—less if you take one.


Raspberry Ketones—A study using high doses found that rats gained less weight and reduced fatty liver disease.

African Mango Extract—Promising ingredient that may cause weight loss and improve metabolism. Read about it here.

Green Tea Extract—Source of caffeine.

Caffeine Anhydrous—Source of caffeine.

Resveratrol—Powerful antioxidant. May increase our muscle’s ability to draw glucose from food. Info here.

Apple Cider Vinegar—May work as a blocker to prevent the body’s digestion of starch. Learn more.

Acai—May have anti-inflammatory properties. None for weight loss.

Kelp—Rich in nutrients. No evidence for weight loss.

Grapefruit—No evidence for weight loss.


The majority of people who tried PhenElite were happy with the results and the product averages 3.75 stars out of 5. The most common complaints are associated with nervousness and other caffeine related side effects. People who like it (the majority of reviews) said they experience impressive weight loss.

​I have had wonderful results using this product and have lost 21 lbs with little to no effort. I do exercise every other day but this product does help me to eat less.

This product does absolutely nothing. I have taken it for a month and have zero results.

Side Effects and Risks

Side effects mentioned are related to high doses of caffeine, which may produce insomnia, nervousness, stomach upset, irritability, rapid heartbeat and muscle tremors.

Claims and Published Studies

The company claims their exclusive and FAST fat burning formula promotes rapid fat loss, boosts your metabolism, and allows you to lose 15 pounds or more – quickly and safely.

No published studies are available for PhenElite. But several promising studies are available on ingredients used in the product. They are sited with links in the Active Ingredients section above.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $42

CLA Conjugated Linoleic Acid

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) is one of the healthy components of fats found mostly in beef and dairy products. It’s naturally occurring and can be taken in the form of pills or capsules. The recommended dose is 3 grams per day, split up into separate doses.

How Does CLA Work for Weight Loss?

Conjugated Linoleic Acid is thought to reduce fat by working as a blocker. Concentrated doses in animals appear to reduce the amount of lipid absorbed by fat cells.

Claims and Published Studies

Several companies sell CLA and each make different claims about weight loss. One even suggests it increases apoptosis (cell death), which is not something most of us are looking for—think accelerated aging.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid has been shown in most animal studies to reduce body fat. In some cases, fat deposits in mice were reduced by up to 88%. The outcomes in humans, however, have been mixed. You can click here to look at a review of 18 studies in which almost half resulted in human weight loss. Find more info.


Conjugated Linoleic Acid performs surprisingly well in reviews, averaging 4.5 stars across the web. A strong majority of reviewers were very satisfied with product, with many stating that they lost weight while on it.

I haven’t been in the gym in about a month but I see my muscle definition improving & my fat disappearing! I’m even looking slimmer & the scale shows I’m lighter. I can’t believe my arms are showing muscle & not showing the stubborn fat I couldn’t seem to get rid of no matter how many hours in the gym. It truly is inspiring to have a product’s claims be right on target. I’ve been using it for over a month & will continue to buy and use this product.

​Didn’t really see any difference in weight loss with this product. It gave me a little energy but overall nothing great. I think I lost 2 extra lbs over the 6 weeks I took it.

Side Effects and Risks of CLA

We don’t have a lot of information about the risks of CLA in humans. There is some evidence that large doses can lead to fat in the liver—in mice.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $20

Lipozene / Kojak / Glucomannan

Lipozene is a branded version of Glucomannan (also called Amorphophallus Kojak). It’s an Asian plant that has been used for weight loss for many years. Regardless of the name on the bottle, the ingredient is the same. This substance is sold in capsules that are to be taken 1-2 at a time, 30 minutes before meals—with a full glass of water.

How Does it Work?

When mixed with water, Lipozene / Kojak / Glucomannan becomes gelatinous and expands, creating a full sensation in the stomach that suppresses appetite. You can see for yourself by dumping an open capsule in a half glass of water. It turns to gel.

As Lipozene / Kojak / Glucomannan moves through the gut, it stimulates your system the same way laxatives do. This supplement is not digestible and moves all the way through the system like other types of fiber.

Claims and Published Studies

Lipozene claims its product is Proven for Safe and Effective Weight Loss in Multiple Studies. Other Glucomannan suppliers make their own claims as well.

An impressive analysis of 14 of the studies show an improvement in total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and body weight.

Three different studies found this supplement, when combined with a healthy diet, helped people lose 8-10 pounds in 5 weeks.


The reviews for Lipozene are not impressive when compared to non-branded Glucomannon or Konjak. Around the web, the average score for Lipozene is 3 out of 5 stars. One of the worst we’ve looked at here. Only about 1/3 of reviewers are fully satisfied with the product. The most common complaints are that it causes cramping and painful diarrhea. Other negative reviewers said Lipozene was just a laxative or that it did nothing at all.

For non-branded Glucomannon and Konjak, the average score is closer to 4 out of 5 stars, with more than 2/3rd of people reporting full satisfaction with the product. The difference in scores may be that Lipozene is promoted exclusively for weight loss, while the non-branded versions can be used as dietary fiber or even as a thickening agent for cooking.

The idea is that you take it with plenty of water before you are going to eat. The fiber absorbs the water and gets significantly larger in your stomach, meaning that it takes less food to make you feel full. If you fill that remaining space with junk food, you’re not going to lose any weight. This will make it easier for you to stick to your diet. It’s not going to work miracles. Also, yes, it will cause frequent trips to the bathroom. It’s a fiber. That’s what it does. If you are not willing to make that trade off, this is not the product for you.

​It does make you feel full. It has helped curb my appetite, so I eat a more appropriate amount. I have lost over 15 lbs in the past 2.5 months. I just have to make sure I only eat until full and don’t get over full.

Side Effects and Risks

Lipozene or Glucomannan should be taken with a full glass of water to prevent blockage in the throat when the pill sticks to soft tissue and then expands with moisture. Other side effects include gas, bloating, nausea, abdominal pain and diarrhea.

Cost of 30 Day Supply: $20

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract was boosted to popularity by the Dr. Oz show. Green coffee beans are simply coffee beans that have not been roasted, which means they remain green and they retain a compound called chlorogenic acid. Green coffee beans contain as much or more caffeine as roasted beans because the roasting process burns off some caffeine.

How Does it Work?

The recommended dose is 1 pill a day before each of the 3 main meals. The total caffeine in all three pills is about 60 mg. That’s not much compared to some of the other dieting pills mentioned here. If you aren’t already conditioned to the effects of caffeine, this supplement may create some appetite suppression and increased thermogenesis for you.

You also benefit from the chlorogenic acid, which may work as a blocker to reduce the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the digestive tract. Read about it here.

Claims and Published Studies

Manufacturers of Green Coffee Bean Extract claim it naturally promotes weight loss. We found several studies as well as a meta analysis that combines the results of all the highest respected studies. It concluded that Green Coffee Bean Extract does indeed promote weight loss, but said further studies are necessary to learn more.


Just over half of reviewers report being extremely satisfied with Green Coffee Bean Extract supplements. The average rating is 4 out of 5 stars. A small percentage reported anxiety and other caffeine related effects.

​They get me through the day with energy, it’s lowered my cravings for sweets and has helped me control my appetite for sure. I hope to lose 30lbs and I think these will help.

I have been using this for two months now. It really helps cut your appetite and I’ve lost 15 pounds so far. I don’t have any jitters like I would get if drinking several cups of coffee. The one thing you need to know about this is that it gives you the poops for the first couple weeks that you use it.

Side Effects and Risks

Green Coffee Bean Extract has been safely taken in doses of 480 mg for as long as 12 weeks. Taking high doses of chlorogenic acid has caused high plasma homocysteine levels, which has been associated with conditions such as heart disease.

Manufacturer Warning: Do not exceed the recommended dose. Not intended for pregnant or nursing mothers. Not intended for children under 18 years of age. If you are taking any medications, have a known medical condition, or are planning a medical procedure, consult your doctor before use. Discontinue use and consult your doctor if any adverse reactions occur.​

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $105

Orlistat/ Alli/ Xenical

This diet pills goes by several names but the active ingredient in all of them is Orlistat. It’s been around a long time has undergone many studies. You can buy it in a capsule, to be taken as 1 pill with meals. Not to exceed 3 pills per day.

How Does it Work?

Orlistat is a blocker. It is thought to work by preventing the breakdown of fat and, therefore preventing the body’s absorption of fat. Not surprisingly, you should expect greasy bowel movements because the unabsorbed fat exits through the stool.

Claims and Published Studies

Manufacturers claim that for every 2 pounds of fat you lose, Orlistat/ Alli/ Xenical will help you lose 1 more. They also claim most people lose 5-10 pounds over 6 months.

They also claim you can block about 25% of the fat you eat from being absorbed by your body.​

Consistent data shows Orlistat / Alli / Xenical provide small but significant weight loss for those who stick with the program. The average is 3% better than other diets.

Note: It’s worth mentioning this in the only FDA approved over-the-counter weight loss aid.​


Orlistat / Alli / Xenical averages 4/5 star approval with just over half of people being fully satisfied. The most common negative reaction was that the product isn’t as powerful as it used to be.

​If you love to eat greasy meals and then leak oil out of your ass for the next twelve hours, by all means, buy this product. But first consider investing in a large pack of adult diapers, because it’s going to get messy. My theory is that people lose weight taking this medication only because they stop eating for fear of soiling themselves in public.

Been losing weight with it. Doctor recommended it for me to take. Lost 23 pounds already. Been using it since Sept. 2016. You will learn what foods you can eat and what not to eat especially fatty or greasy foods.

Side Effects and Risks

The mild side effects include oily stools and rapid bowel movements. The oily stools are evidence of some of the fat you consume being passed through your body. Moderate side effects include headaches, flu-like symptoms and problems with teeth and gums. Serious risks are blood in the urine and vomiting.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $22

Green Tea Extract

What is it? Green Tea Extract is a supplement derived from green tea leaves. It contains loads of antioxidants– including catechins (GTC). You can buy it in capsule form with a recommended dose of 500-1000 mg a day. For weight loss, take it 30 minutes before meals.

How Does it Work?

The catechins in Green Tea Extract are thought to boost norepinephrine, which has been shown to break down fat cells and lift mood at the same time.

It’s likely the caffeine in Green Tea Extract likely works in conjunction to further aid weight loss. Several studies show that combining the extract with exercise provides an even greater boost to fat burning than exercise alone.

Claims and Published Studies

Manufacturers claim that Green Tea Extract is a natural weight loss supplement that boosts energy all day and increases brain function.

Green tea has been scientifically studied for its many health benefits. A meta study that combined the results of 49 studies concluded that the catechins or an epigallocatechin gallate-caffeine mixture, found in green tea extract, have a positive effect on weight loss and weight management.


Green Tea Extract averages about 4/5 stars on approval rating. Close to 2/3 of buyers are very satisfied—although keep in mind, not everyone buys it for weight loss. It’s also used as a dietary supplement, so not every evaluation is about weight loss.

​I find that it helps curb my appetite for carbs and sweets, which is a huge issue for me. I love my cookies and brownies, they don’t love me. When I take this Green Tea I dont crave cookies as much, and other sweets. I can go days without a sugar craving which for me is big. Another thing I noticed is I dont feel hunger after 6-7PM and my midnight snacking is gone! Which I am really loving!

Was hoping that these would give me energy but I haven’t seen a significant difference yet. I will still keep taking them because I know green tea is great.

Side Effects and Risks

Side effects can include headache as well as other caffeine related side effects such as anxiety and sleeplessness. Green Tea Extract also appears to limit your body’s ability to absorb iron, which can cause anemia.

Cost of 30 Day Supply: $28


Forskolin is an extract of Coleus Forskohlii, a tropical perennial plant. It’s used in Ayurvedic medicine and has recently become popular as a fat burning supplement. You take 1 or 2 a day, preferably 30 minutes before a meal with a full glass of water.

How Does it Work?

Forskolin increases your levels of cyclic adenosine monophosphate, a nucleotide used in your RNA. Higher levels are associated with increased fat loss by stimulating the release of fat stores from fat cells. It may also improve the effectiveness of other fat burning compounds.

Claims and Published Studies

In one study, Forskolin showed significant decrease in body fat percentage and fat mass as compared to the placebo group. It also increased bone mass and testosterone in men.

In another, lean muscle mass increased while fat also decreased.


Forskolin averages about 3.5 stars out of 5. About half of consumers report high satisfaction. Of those who were disappointed, it was most commonly because they did not lose weight while taking Forskolin.

I have been taking the product for 60 days now. Absolutely no side effects and definitely curbs your appetite. It is working great for me I have lost over 10 lbs.

​If you are expecting these or any other supplement to be a miracle drug for weight loss, you are going to be sorely disappointed. These need to be taken in conjunction with exercise and a balanced diet. It does improve libido. I have noticed an increase in sex drive while taking this. As I am close to 50, this is pretty important to me.

Side Effects and Risks

Forskolin has been shown to increase testosterone levels. It can also lower your blood pressure, which can cause dizziness, fatigue and other symptoms if blood pressure drops too low.

Average Cost of 30 Day Supply: $21

Wild Raspberry Ketone

It sounds like a delicious alternative to the keto diet, but Wild Raspberry Ketones are actually what give raspberries their fragrance. Recent research has showed some promising results for weight loss, at least in rats.

How Does Wild Raspberry Ketone Work?

You take 2 pills a day, with our without food. There is no consensus on the number of mg. Everything from 100-1400 mg has been recommended. No specific dose has been studied in humans, so use your own judgment.

A very high concentration of Raspberry Ketone is thought to increase the release of adiponectin, which accelerates the breakdown of fat. You could never eat enough raspberries to get a meaningful amount of ketone, but you can get a concentrated dose in a capsule. Another way to increase adiponectin is with exercise.

Claims and Published Studies

It claims to boost energy, curb cravings, shrink fat cells and boost metabolism. In general, the manufacturer claims Raspberry Ketones promote healthy weight loss.

In rat studies, huge doses of Raspberry Ketone did show improvement in weight management.  It would require several pills to achieve equivalent doses in humans and a safe dose has not yet been determined.

It’s worth noting that the studies done on Raspberry Ketone have been conducted in test tubes and in rats, not in actual people.


People give 4 of 5 stars to Raspberry Ketone, which is high for a weight loss supplement. A solid 2/3 of people who tried it, reported full satisfaction with Raspberry Ketone.

​If anything this product helped me to maintain my weight. i took these pills as directed before my meals, i did become less hungry but i did not lose any weight. I do exercise twice a week but i manage to get no results.

My husband and I are 71 years young. We have taken these capsules for a year. It took a couple weeks to feel effects, but then the pounds came off and energy increased and appetite decreased. Due to less appetite, we didn’t want to eat much, so ate healthier. I went from 135 to 120 pounds and my husband went from 200 to 160 in about 3 months taking 2 capsules a day. We now take 1 a day 4 days a week to maintain.

Side Effects and Risks

Not enough research has been done to determine side effects. Because the molecule is similar to synephrine, keep an eye on your blood pressure and heart rate.