The Diet Problem



Have you been searching for the real way models stay thin?

As you probably suspect, the usual methods for losing weight don’t work.

Otherwise we’d all be skinny.

There would be no weight loss industry.

There would be no latest diet trends.

If you’ve tried to lose weight, only to have it return (and then some), you’re acutely aware of the problem with diets.

Models, actors and actresses seem to maintain their weight for years at a time—often for a lifetime.

How are they doing it?  

And what about those people you know who never seem to gain weight? What’s up with that?

Here's the secret:

People who stay thin for life use an entirely different approach from what you find in the dieting industry.

They don’t even use the Skinny in a Week diet plans we have on SkinnyBitch.

Why not?

They don’t need them.

In the next few minutes you’re going to discover exactly what separates skinny-for-life people from everyone else.

Plus you’ll learn why your weight loss struggle is not your fault.

The secrets to staying skinny for life are not complicated or difficult.

The latest weight loss trends promoted by “experts” and the media are quietly keeping you in a pattern of lose and gain.

Lose and gain.

You're probably wondering:

How could that apply to me?

The truth is:

Long term and permanent weight loss is easier than you ever could have imagined.

If You Failed Dieting, You're Not Alone. Most Diets Fail. Here’s Why:

Mainstream diets don’t work because they are usually too restrictive to maintain for the long haul.

People start a diet, lose weight and then drift back into their previous lifestyle and habits.

Inevitably, the weight returns.

There are 3 things lifetime skinny people know about managing weight:

FACT #1: Dieting is for people who aren’t serious about their weight

Astonishing, I know.

Thin people (lifelong) don’t get there by dieting.

Think about it:

Dieting has not only failed you, it has failed everyone you know who has ever tried it.

How many people do you know who went on a diet, lost weight and kept it off for life?

The numbers are disturbing:

An average of 5% of dieters keep it off. That’s pretty bleak.

The $200 billion scam:

Remember when the Atkins diet was the diet to be on?

It advocated replacing carbs with fat and drinking half and half lattes (no joke).

Before Atkins, the South Beach diet was sure to change the world.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring.

One thing is certain:

This year will bring a new swath of miracle diets that will be replaced with new options the year after next.


Diets. Don’t. Work.

If even one of the diets in the past 20 years had worked, it would have survived the test of time and we’d all be on it.

If you’ve been caught up in this cycle, it’s not your fault.

Solving your problem would be big financial blow to a lot of people. The weight loss industry is a $200 billion-dollar a year scam.

People who take their weight seriously know that lasting success only happens when you bypass the hype.

FACT #2 The reason diets don’t work is not what you think.

Most people think will-power is the secret to sticking to a diet long term.

Here's a news flash:

Staying thin isn’t about will-power.

It’s a completely different mindset and approach to health that rarely involves will-power.

In fact, diets create so much biological change in the body—especially if they are maintained for long periods, that will-power becomes increasing difficult to maintain.

Not easier over time, but harder.

This makes it impossible to keep weight off for a sustained period.

The reason dieting makes you weaker:

When you’re actively dieting, you have incredible focus—on food.

You see temptation and “no’s” around every corner.

Food becomes front and center in your life and it’s impossible to ignore.

This makes dieting counter intuitive to staying thin.

Skinny people often talk about how much they love food, but the research shows, they don’t even notice food as much as those on a diet.

Instead of minimizing the focus on food and naturally reducing cravings, diets increase that focus and leave us in a permanent state of mental conflict.

Eventually we become exhausted from the ongoing internal battle. At that point, we abandon the diet with a great sense of relief.

And unfortunately, a misplaced feeling of failure.

You can see the major problem we run into with trying to be thin through dieting.

It doesn’t work.

We know it doesn’t work.

And an entire industry profits from convincing people that just the opposite is true.

FACT #3 Will-Power Won't Work

If only you had the will power to stay on a particular diet for life, you’d be skinny right?

What researcher Traci Mann, from the University of Minnesota’s Health and Eating Lab, found may surprise you.

The overwhelming majority of weight loss plans rely on the notion of will power, which Mann believes is an illusion.

We don’t need willpower to do things that are important to us.

How much will power does it take to brush your teeth every day?

Diets require willpower because we are trying to do something that doesn’t feel natural.

Unfortunately, we can maintain will power only in our strongest and most focused moments.

Mann believes this is why most people who lose weight on a diet end up (5 years later) heavier than before they started.

If will-power were something we could take into our everyday lives and adapt for the long term, it wouldn’t be called will-power. It would simply be a habit.

If Dieting Isn’t the Answer, How Do I Get Better Results?

Let me introduce you to an entirely different way to think about your body.

What if a habit could replace your willpower?

As easy as brushing your teeth.

What if a permanent lifestyle could replace your yo-yo diet?

I’m about to share with you the secrets thin people use to stay fit and healthy throughout their lives.

It follows the principles used by 99% of the thin-for-life people to maintain a healthy weight without willpower:


The bad news:

There is no magic pill or break through diet that’s going to change your life for good.

You may have come to this conclusion on your own but have doubted yourself because dieting is perpetually crammed down your throat. It’s not your fault if you’ve been fooled before.

The question is:

How long will you continue to be persuaded by the next “good idea” for weight loss.

Healthy weight is achieved through healthy eating choices and exercise.


Every skinny person you know who has maintained a healthy waistline for an extended period has consciously chosen a lifestyle and has the habits that go with it.

These people are not on extended diets.

They simply live differently.

They naturally avoid unhealthy food and large portions, the same way you naturally brush your teeth.

Now, imagine how good it would feel to reach for the right foods with ease, without an internal battle. To crave exercise. To find sugary and fattening foods disgusting.

No more struggling with will-power.

No more up and down weight loss plans.

Just you and your healthy lifestyle.

Imagine how great you’ll look and how energetic you’ll feel when you’re fully healthy.

We know that staying skinny for life is attainable.

And we're going to help you do it.

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