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Introducing Skinny for Life

The end of dieting.

Discover the Skinny Mindset

Did you know that skinny people think differently than fat people? There is no such thing as a naturally skinny person. These people have a completely different perspective on their bodies, on food and on exercise. Get the insiders secret to thinking like a skinny person. When you switch on the Skinny Mindset, weight loss becomes easier than you ever could have imagined.


Look forward to exercise

When you change the way you think, exercise becomes easy. With Skinny for Life, you get unlimited access to SkinnyGym where you can work out on your terms--when you want, where you want on your device. Over 500 full length workout videos, dozens of different trainers to chose from and easy ways to track all your stats and progress.


Stay Skinny for Life

Skinny for Life makes it easy to change your eating habits over night by using simple green smoothies to detoxify your body and create healthy cravings. Once you learn to direct your way of thinking to align with your values and goals surrounding health, the right decisions become reflexes and soon they become habits. You will learn the ease with which naturally skinny people make food and exercise choices and why it's easier than you thought. 

What Does Skinny Feel Like?

YOUR PANTS BECOME LOOSE Find yourself slipping into your skinniest of jeans without the fabric grabbing at your extra pounds. Slide right in with room to spare. The feeling is awesome!

PEOPLE COMPLIMENT YOUR LOOKS Not only do you look better than you have in years, your clothes look better on you than they have in years. Get ready for positive feedback.

FEEL GREAT Don't remember what it's like to walk around, filled with the confidence of a younger, thinner person? Losing weight boosts your energy levels and your self esteem.

END PAIN Carrying extra weight burdens organs, muscles and joints leading to health problems as well as a myriad of chronic pain conditions. Heal yourself naturally.


The complete package Includes:

SkinnyGym. Mobile Fat Burning.

On Your Device 

You want great workouts? You want lots of variety & options? You want to slim down with awesome, motivating instructors? SkinnyGym is exactly what you need. Sign up now for hundreds of real-time full-length workout videos, on-demand, where you are, when you want.

MOBILE View classes on multiple devices including your iPad, Android phone or tablet, computer or Apple TV. Sorry, now you're out of excuses.

Made for Real People. Just Like You.

Complete Flexibility

Work out where you want, when you want, in the privacy of your own home or office. Access is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Finding time to workout can be half the battle. With SkinnyGym, we've brought your workout to you, when and where you need it.

Structure if You Want It

Got a specific goal in mind and want to dedicate yourself to reaching it? Our Fitness Plans will guide you for months at a time, letting you know what workout to perform each day, at what intensity.

Watch Yourself Progress

With SkinnyGym, you can keep track of your exercise and body stats to help you stay motivated. Keep exercise and cardio tracking at your fingertips. Track your weight loss, measurements and health improvements.

Design Your Own Plan

Build your own workouts with the worlds biggest exercise and video library (over 7,000 images and videos). Chose a body part and then drag and drop to customize your own plan and add to your My Workouts.

So Many Options

With over 950 out of the box workouts, you'll find more than you need to get in shape. Everything from Bodyweight Bootcamp to Ab Assault to Cellulite Shrinker, SkinnyGym guides you with tips, video and audio coaching.

Unlimited Pass

SkinnyGym gives you unlimited access to over 500 full length fitness videos and 1000 workouts. Search by Goal, Time, Instructors or Equipment and get moving.

WAY Better than a Gym

Save your money and preserve your self esteem by exercising without ever setting foot in a gym. Check out reviews, estimate calorie burn, and get great insight into every workout before you begin.

Never Get Bored. We'll Keep You Engaged.

VARIETY Stay engaged with an endless variety of workout options. Not in the mood for the usual plan? Try something different. As long as you're moving, every option is a good pick.

GOALS Need to nix the ab flab? Want to work on stability? Choose your classes based on desired goals.

TIME Whether you have 15 minutes or 60, SkinnyGym has time-based workouts to fit your schedule.

EQUIPMENT From Swiss ball to Kettlebells, to jumprope, SkinnyGym offers workouts for just about every piece of fitness equipment.

INSTRUCTORS Unlimited access to all original workouts as well as hundreds of the best videos fro over 70 instructors. Discover new paths to your fitness right from your living room.

Fitness Classes. Weights. Yoga. Pilates. Abs. Circuits. Core. 500 Videos. 1000 Workouts. And Much More.


Also Includes:

Skinny Mindset. The Definitive Guide.

Not only are you about to discover that skinny people have an entirely different mindset, you're going to learn how you can use the exact same approach that models use to overcome cravings and eliminate the need for willpower. 

  • Learn the mind hacks skinny people use to stay thin for life.
  • Discover how simple changes to your thought process can have a huge impact on your cravings and desires to workout.
  • ‚ÄčThe best ways to turn reluctance into a powerful form of motivation.
  • ‚ÄčLearn why starting slow may be the best way to make life long lasting changing to your eating and exercise habits.
  • Discover why sharing your weight loss goals with others is counterproductive.
  • Have the power of self-command and self control at your finger tips when you need to execute it.

And that's not all. You also get:

 Green Smoothie Reset.

Lose weight without feeling hungry. With Green Smoothie Reset you can replace unhealthy eating habits with a nutritious, whole food smoothie. We make it easy.

  • Nourish your body the way is was meant to be cared for--with real, whole food full of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants. No more supplement pills!
  • Reset your body with a jump start detox process that eliminates toxins and adds lasting nourishment.
  • Explode your energy levels, improve sleep quality and shrink your waist line without starving or skipping meals.
  • Detoxify and cleanse your body so that it can start using energy to burn fat.
  • Feel satisfied and full after a glass of vitamins, fiber and nutrient rich ingredients. You won't need to snack on junk food when you have smoothies.
  • Restore your vibrant and radiant energy with hydrating nutrient rich foods.


The Complete Package:

Skinny Gym and Fitness is an awesome online workout program and app with over 700 fitness classes taught by world class instructors and over 350 weight training plans to get your body into the best shape of your life. Use on your computer, tablet or phone. At home or away. Skinny Gym and Fitness removes the barriers to working out and makes it possible for you to get in shape anywhere at any time.